Information about ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS files and how to open them

The ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS - Adobe Acrobat Security Settings File is a particular file designed by Adobe Acrobat. This file format is used for the process of generating PDF’s and viewing them as well. These particular files have within them, the security properties that allow the user to create a secured file such as a PDF. A number of security parameters can be set, such as access restrictions. This security file requires a digital signature in order to confirm the identity of the issuer. ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS can be used as a configuration tool in configuring multiple machines that have identical security settings. You can use Adobe Acrobat to import and/or export this created document.

These files have the ability to compile the security settings into one file giving it an advantage over an FDF files which have to spread the security settings across multitudinous FDF files. They also have the capability to be shared securely among workgroups and network computers.

Product(s) that can open ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS file

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat
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