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Video edit and exchange is a lot more complex than just sending a link from one email address to another. Whether you are collaborating with another videographer on editting and enhancing a video, or just want to submit your video to potential audiences, clientele and the like, having the right equipment makes all the difference. For amateur videographers looking to take the leap to professional, AFE - Avid File Exchange File is a must-have.

The AFE - Avid File Exchange File is compatible with Mac OS, as well as Windows XP and other Windows systems. AFE - Avid File Exchange File open up on Avid Media Copmoser and Avid Xpress, along with third party systems like MovieMaker and iMovie. The metadata file allows for finishing and editting applications to change and adapt the content of the video file for the ultimate viewing experience.

AFE - Avid File Exchange File holds the types of information necessary for digital media asset transfer between operating systems, allowing you to transmit more refined picture, sound quality, and more. The AFE - Avid File Exchange File works for businesses uploading promotional footage, small film companies looking to edit their finished works, and any personal videos you want to share or post on social networking sites and more.

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Avid Media Composer
Avid Media Composer
Avid Media Composer Avid Media Composer is a quick, free download that makes it quicker and easier than ever to edit your media projects. A staple for video editors...
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