File Extension AGGR

Information about AGGR files and how to open them

The AGGR - Adobe Captivate Aggregate File is a multimedia publishing and screen recording application that is used in the process of combining projects is a single SWF or an EXE standalone deliverable. The AGGR - Adobe Captivate Aggregate File was designed and developed by Adobe Captivate and consists of multiple CPTX or CP Captivate projects which have been published as SWF files. AGGR files house a TOC (table of contents) the file utilizes the name of the various modules SWF files. Navigating using the TOC allows the user or designer to use the same template to generate multiple projects and subsequently combine them into one AGGR file. What this does is keep the look and feel consistent between various modules.

You can add modules through the existing dialog box by simply selecting the “+” symbol. Simply go to the File tab and select NEW to create a new aggregator file.

Product(s) that can open AGGR file

Adobe Captivate
Adobe Captivate
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