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Memos or memorandums are used to keep all of your thoughts in check. A memo can be anything from a shopping list to important life events. A memo can be anything. Unsurprisingly, there are programs that maintain memos and notes for you on a day-to-day basis.

AIVault makes a file for this particular process. It helps record the data. All of the data is converted to binary, so the computer can read the piece. When you access it, it is converted back into words and letters from numbers. AIV - AIVault Data File is the file that maintains all of this data.

Without files that keep logs of all your notes, you would quickly lose track of all the files on your computer. It recalls and stores the information that is placed inside of it; all of this is done for you to have easy access to your files. Think of the AIV file extension as a personal assistant or secretary for your memos.

By using a memo program, you can enhance your memory and mental fortitude. It is shown that using memos, journals and other written material supports a healthy memory. Not only that, but it will keep you educated. You should start using memos today to enhance your memory and mental capacity.

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AIVault  The current release has a number of performance enhancements and corrects a number of previous bugs.  Remaining bugs include a...
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