File Extension ALC

Information about ALC files and how to open them

If you're looking for a program to save an audio segment that was imported and edited in your software, look now further! Audo clips created by Ableton Live can easily be imported and edited using ALC - Ableton Live Clip File.

Ableton Live doesn't automatically create ALC files for every audo file you import, so if you import a .WAV file, it will remain in that format until you edit it and save it in your library. At that point, Ableton Live will save the clip as a new ALC file, making it easy to work with your audio clips.

Keep in mind that Ableton Live creates .ASD audio metadata files when creating ALC clips. This helps speed up the process of using the audio clip.

If you use Ableton Live for your audio mashing and editing, this download will streamline the process and make it faster for you to work with your clips. There is no quicker or more efficient way to automatically convert .WAV or other audio file format to ALC files automatically when edited and saved in your library. It's one of the most productive file extensions you'll ever download for your audio editing productivity.

Product(s) that can open ALC file

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