File Extension AMB

Information about AMB files and how to open them

The AMB - AIMMS Model File is a model designed and developed with Advanced Integrated Multidimensional Modeling Software. The AMB - AIMMS Model File consists of procedures, identifier declarations, and the core functions that make up the model in its entirety. This particular AMB file is developed based on the modeling language of the proprietary AIMMS program. The AMB file is saved with a corresponding AIMMS project file (PRJ). The specific text version of an AIMMS file has the ability to be exported as a AIM file to secondary devices or shared systems.

Product(s) that can open AMB file

Paragon AIMMS
Paragon AIMMS
Paragon AIMMSAIMMS offers an all-round development environment for the creation of high-performance decision support and advanced planning applications to...
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