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Information about APP files and how to open them

An APP - Mac OS X Application is any executable file or program that runs under a Mac operating system. Working in the computer industry and being a Mac owner, I used applications everyday. What's really convenient about Mac applications is that they are what is call a "shared package." This means you can right click on any application and select "show package contents" which will open all the files in the package in the finder. Every time you power on a Mac, you will use an application. Whether it's writing a paper, surfing the web, or sending an email. Overall these type of applications are very convenient when compared to .EXE files, which is the Microsoft equivalent of a Mac application because of the aforementioned right click ability. This makes Mac applications much easiest to view, edit, and/or delete. This is one of the reason why Mac computers are considered so user friendly.

Product(s) that can open APP file

Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Microsoft Visual FoxPro is a tool that allows developers to build custom database solutions for personal or business use in a variety of different...
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