File Extension ARH

Information about ARH files and how to open them

You may have received an ARH file extension. What kind of file is a file with an ARH file extension? It is a file that is created by ProTool. ProTool is a program designed to monitor and calibrate machine processes. The file format stores all of the information used by ProTool in a compressed file format for easy access.

How do you open the ARH - ProTool Compressed Project File? This file is able to be oppened by the ProTool program. It can be opened in an uncompressed format in the ProTool program. If you need to open an ARH file extension, you will need to open the file in ProTool.

ProTool can convert the ARH file extension to a PDB file extension for easier access. You can only do this in the ProTool application, since an ARH file extension is a proprietary file for ProTool.

What benefits does the ARH file extension have over other formats? It compresses the file information. The compressed file information allows you, the end-user, a smaller storage format for all of your information. This makes the ARH file extension a better method for storage.

You will only find yourself using the ARH file extension in ProTool. Unless you use ProTool, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in need of the ARH file extension.

Product(s) that can open ARH file

Siemens ProTool
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