File Extension AS3PROJ

Information about AS3PROJ files and how to open them

An AS3PROJ - FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File contains free course code that is commonly used for both Flash and Web programming. This particular file type was first created by FlashDevelop and is generally saved using XML formatting.

A person can create a file type of this nature by selecting "Project - New Project", after having opened the Flash Develop software program. The file in question, along with supporting directories, is then saved in the folder of a user's choice. All information in an AS3PROJ - FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File is managed by the software program noted above; a user does not need to and in fact should not attempt to edit information manually.

Product(s) that can open AS3PROJ file

FlashDevelop A code editor for every Flash developer FlashDevelop is a program designed for Flash developers in order to help them create creative...
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