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BAFL - BurnAware File List is a text file which is created with the BurnAware disc burning software, which burns various disc types, including compact discs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. The files are saved in the .XML format. The BurnAware software is designed for people who want to do more than just burn discs, including disc copyring, as well as audio track extraction actions and data recovery.

The text file itself actually includes a list of data files which can later be burned to discs or archived, making it simple to locate these file types later on and export them to disc burning software to create more discs.

BurnAware is a good versatile software solution for the consumer who wants to be able to do more than just do a one time burn of a disc. It creates the capabilities to save and archive files and pull them up later to create duplicate discs and is saved in a text file format for easy editing.

The function can be pulled up by selecting the option "Save File List" from the BurnAware compilation menu. Then simply load the desired file into the program by selecting "Load File List." BurnAware Premium is a reasonably priced software that does what you need for multiple operations with good results. There is also a free version to try out.

BAFL - BurnAware File List allows burning and copying of multiple disc formats. The Burn Aware software was designed for PC users wanting more versatility than standard burning.

Some of the functions of BurnAware include: burning, backing up, and copying of files to CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs, and burning to several different formats of media, including double layer media.

You can also burn boot disc images for booting up your system in the event of a crash. In addition, it supports different file types, including ISO and CUE/BIN image files, for easy archiving and reuse. You can create audio CDs as well with ease.

If you want greater functionality in a disc burning software, you can't lose with BurnAware. It gives you many more options for disc archiving and copying than the average disc software does.

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BurnAware Free
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