File Extension BASH_PROFILE

Information about BASH_PROFILE files and how to open them


BASH_PROFILE - Bash Interactive Login Shell File is a shell file that is used for many different purposes. Mac OS X as well as Linux is two of the programs in which you can use for this type of file. This format can be used to store setup instructions as well as scripts that are default. You will also be able to take advantage of command prompts and much more. There are also many different file system path directories in which you can take advantage of as well with this program. Everything within this program is executed right after a user actually logs into the terminal that is open already. There are segments that are included as well with this type of profile since most users want to use both at the same time. There is also a hidden directory where some files are located. They always use a certain type of filename as well. There are many users who find this file to be very useful, and you can as well.

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