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BBS - Bulletin Board System Text was a very poplar communication source among people interested in networking way before the Internet. This was a social way to play games, read messages and to get information on a range of subjects from a community source. This is an Electronic Bulletin Board. This is a connecting type of terminal that lets people from a number of places get together. It is not as popular in many areas as it once was but it is still going strong in Taiwan with young people. The competition in the gaming section of the BBS - Bulletin Board System Text and the correspondence of users makes this a very unique program to join. Those a part of the BBS - Bulletin Board System Text sometimes meet in places if they are close in location. This makes it a particularly special group.

Bulletin Boards are fun especially when communications are shared with others. This type of program was initially accessed by radio connections. This is a hobby program for a lot of users and is still an active method of communications. BBS - Bulletin Board System Text was very popular in the early 90s and still has a following. This program was a means of reaching the public and rolled into a very busy media gathering place. This is a different program of communication from the average and very interesting.


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