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Whether you prefer to take to the air or stay on the ground and pretend the BGL - Flight Simulator Scenery File is a great program to have in your PC. Learn about the wonders of flight while you entertain yourself for hours. Fly planes from classic to modern while flying in lifelike scenery. The program is so well designed the backgrounds are used in film. The scenery file contains terrain, lightning and other realistic scenery situations. This is a great way to get a good feel for flying without actually being in the air.

Picture parking lots and airport gates, air fields and blue skies, the BGL - Flight Simulator Scenery File has everything you can want in a simulator’s scenery. Take the controls on your computer and get ready for takeoff. This game will give y so much you will information about wind speeds and atmospheric pressures. The game teaches while it entertains and the sceneries will make you feel as if you have flown every airport imaginable.

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zBlueSoftware FSX Planner
zBlueSoftware FSX Planner
zBlueSoftware FSX PlannerFSX Planner is a graphical editing tool designed to help users edit existing airports or create new ones for use within Microsoft\'s Flight...
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