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Information about BIM files and how to open them

There is an installer for everything you use. What is the first thing you do when you are installing new software from a download? You click on the installer package that decompiles all of the information onto your computer.

The Bytessence InstallMaker creates setup packages for Windows-based computers. It takes all of the files and compiles them. Without programs such as this, all of the files would come in a folder that requires compiling or additional configuration. It would be a rather hectic computer environment for the end-user, whom only wanted to install a simple program.

BIM - Bytessence InstallMaker Document is the file that stores all of the data necessary for the package to be compiled. It is the storage unit for the program to compile the data. All of the following are part of this file: product information, uninstaller information, installation requirements, file compression options and the interface of the installation program. It also creates a reference that can be used by the final package.

The BIM file extension is just another component of a larger program. Foundations are often built to support larger programs; the BIM file is a file that acts as the foundation for the Bytessence Installmaker program. It holds everything together during the package creation program and provides a reference point.

Product(s) that can open BIM file

Bytessence Install Maker
Bytessence Install Maker
Bytessence Install Maker   Bytessence Install Maker is a freeware sofware installer targeted at individual developers or small companies who need to package...
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