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Information about BJO files and how to open them

Files can be used to store large amounts of information. There are many different files for various applications. If you play music on your computer, you are using an MP3 file format, which stores sounds and other pieces of audio information.

TablEdit is a program that creates various stringed instrument tablatures, which is a form of music creation. A tablature holds the information for the composition of music, like a music score.

Of course, there needs to be a file format that is available to hold all of these music scores and notes, so they are transferred into binary. This allows the computer to read all of the information on the file.

BJO - TablEdit tablature file holds the notes and other musical information that are created in TablEdit. This is their proprietary file format. All of the data stored on this file is musical notes, rhythm, time signature and musical notations. It can also create, play and share music. This specific file is most frequently used for banjo and guitar tablatures. The BJO file extension is also convertible to ASCII text or MIDI file extensions.

This is a diverse file extension that excels in a few areas, but it is a specialized file for certain users. Most people will not need to use the BJO file extension, unless they compose music in TablEdit.

Product(s) that can open BJO file

TABriteThe best program, in it's class, for the PC I've ever seen is TABrite. It's fun and easy to use. It is great for writing tablature and playing back...
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