File Extension BLD

Information about BLD files and how to open them

A BLD - Envisioneer Building Project File is a file that has been created by the BIM software program Envisioneer. This particular file type is used by architects, engineers, carpenters and other individuals who want to design or remodel a building. The file displays both 2D and 3D objects and will help a person to accurately gauge the specifications for the area before starting construction. It can also help those who are doing smaller jobs such as installing lighting and framing. There are four different version of the Envisioneer software program; these are Essentials, Construction Site, Professional and Express. Each program type has its own express purpose and some builders may need more than one program.

Product(s) that can open BLD file

Envisioneer Express
Envisioneer Express
Envisioneer Express Having the best 3D models can be easier then what you imagine, if you have the proper program to do the work for you. The issue which many...
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