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Information about BLN files and how to open them

BLN - Golden Software Blanking File is a file type used to store information about a program in a secure location, such as from a DVD or CD. It is an export format that is recognized by the Golden Software Diger program, which is a Windows program designed to allow temporary file storage from the software and to export the file and save, burn a disc, or export to other formats.

This format type (.BIN) can be recognized by any device and reads it as though the disc were being read itself. In essence, it is a digital copy of the disc and allows seamless duplication of disc to disc with fewer burn errors. This is because you are taking the disc and making a file version of the disc to burn again later or archive.

Some people have difficulty opening up a .BIN file type. If you experience issues, simple rename the mime type (extension type) from .bin to .iso. An .iso is a file that is readable by pretty much any of the Windows OS systems and recognized it as the equivalent to a DVD or CD file, if saved to this format. It is wise to make a .bin or .iso copy of every valuable DVD or CD you own that you created, so you could archive it and burn it at a later time, if needed.

You can also save the .bin file as a .cue file. Doing it this way gives you the information about the sequence in which the disc data appears.

Programmers need to know more about this than the average consumer but suffice it to say that the .bin or .iso files allow archiving, conversion, or exportation of disc files for later use or duplication, where it is important that you make exact replicas of the original disc. It is also useful when you export files, or for commercial use in media duplication.

It is important to understand what a .bin, .cue, or .iso file does before converting from one format to another. The .iso file type is used most commonly when backing up discs.

The main thing is to know about the BLN - Golden Software Blanking File is what format your DVD or CD burner software exports to, and use that one normally. Most of the time, the software makes this decision for you. Saving to an .iso or .bin file archives the data in a safe place, and allows you to use the file numerous times to create more media.

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