File Extension BPNUEB

Information about BPNUEB files and how to open them

Colleges and universities have been using different formats to produce their books in for quite some time. Colleges may intend to use only a certain portion of a book in their curriculum, or a specific version, so they reproduce the book in a section that is made for them. Now this trend become popular with redistributable eBooks. Universities and colleges have begun to distribute their eBooks in a format that is tailored to the students needs.

In order to read BPNUEB file format, you will need to have the PNU Reader application. This is how proprietary files work. It has its own set of rules that you must adhere to and maintain.

BPNUEB - PNU eBook File is in place to secure Payame Noor University resources. Publishers for the university may allow them to reproduce their material in a digital format. As such, they have certain regulations that follow their material. In order to protect the interests of the published, Payame Noor University made its own proprietary format that protects the file from any alterations or intellectual theft.

BPUEB is a format that you may or may not be familiar with. If you happen to speak Persian and attend Payame Noor University, you will become familiar with the format. It is the standard format for any eBook distributed by Payame Noor University.

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