File Extension BR5

Information about BR5 files and how to open them

BR5 - Bryce 5 Scene File is a three-dimensional scene that has been created using Bryce 5, which is an application used in the creation of virtual 3D environments and much more. Bryce has been commonly associated with the creation of landscapes using realistic and lifelike elements like water, skies and even terrain, each containing lighting effects used in the real world.

The BR5 - Bryce 5 Scene File is also capable of including objects like animals, people and any other three-dimensional model. These models can range from simple objects all the way up to completed, textured landscape designs. Many scenes using this file type can be saved as an image or even rendered as an animation. Bryce is now owned by the Corel Company, and they are the creators of the fifth edition of the application. The program is now owned by DAZ, and they are the creators of the sixth edition of the program. A BR5 - Bryce 5 Scene File can only be accessed using Bryce 5 or later.

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Bryce Bryce is an award-winning design program that has quickly become the industry standard the world over. It has been evolving into a true...
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