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Information about BTF files and how to open them

In an era rife with constant threats of identity theft and bank discrepancies, you cannot be too careful.Having documentation of all your banking transactions is an easy way to safeguard your identity and your family from any fraudulent activity, along with allowing you to keep a record of all your transactions.

Personal finance documentation can be cumbersome and difficult to store, though. No one wants to hold on to every single receipt, pay stub, and to copy every check. As annoying as these documents seem, you also do not want to risk destroying your credit by bouncing a check, overdrawing an account, or duplicating checks. BTF - NationsBank Check Images finds your balance between lots of paperwork and having no documentation.

BTF - NationsBank Check Images, now used by Bank of America, allows you to compress the image of your checks into any number of platforms, so you can store and document at your convenience. Whether it is G4, JPEG, ABIC, or IOCA/ ABIC formatting that you need, BTF - NationsBank Check Images allows you to do it quickly and efficiently. BTF - NationsBank Check Images allows you to store images right onto your computer, so you do not have to worry about your documents floating around in cyber space. You can get your checking information where and when you need it, quickly and conveniently, so you can worry about more important things than balancing your checkbook.

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