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Information about CG files and how to open them

The CG - Cg Program is a programming file that is written in the Cg programming language, which is a three-dimensional image definition language developed by NVIDIA. This file has source code that defines numerous attributes present in 3-Dimensional images including appearance, shape, and the motion of the current model. This file programming format is used in writing games and other programs that contain or use 3D content. The Cg programming format is the popular choice in multi-platform three-dimensional content development because it allows program developers to avoid using low level graphics hardware assembly language by providing a layer of abstraction which, in turn, allows them to target OpenGL, Windows, Linux and other operating systems.

Product(s) that can open CG file

NVIDIA FX Composer
NVIDIA FX Composer
NVIDIA FX Composer NVIDIA FX Composer is one of the most powerful software programs to have ever been created. It was also rated and given 5 out...
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