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Researchers working with quantitative data have several formats and platforms at their disposal. Keeping quantitative data is simple- it can easily be input into a spreadsheet or mapped out on a standard database. Not all sciences and studies require quantitative research, or at least they do not rely only on numbers. It can be tricky for social scientists to handle ethnographic research when there is no way to record non-numeric data.

CHN - Ethnograph Data has the answer. Where other data analysis and storage platforms fail to consider qualitative data, such as ethnographic research and interviews, CHN - Ethnograph Data is specifically designed with the qualitative in mind. Beef up your thesis or support your study quickly and effectively with the CHN - Ethnograph Data. You can analyze similarities within ethnographic and non-numerical research without the hassle of having to code and quantify.

CHN - Ethnograph Data is different because it recognizes the importance of non-quantitative data within the scientific fields- you cannot just use a word processor to record the incredible amount of research involved in an ethnographic study. Journals, survey responses, images, and more can all be save in the CHN - Ethnograph Data platform, allowing you to spend more time analyzing and compiling, rather than searching for your documentation and qualitative data.

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