File Extension CHORD

Information about CHORD files and how to open them

Musicians have greatly benefitted from the advances in music technology in the past 10 years. From sharing your music with the world to sharing tabs, chords, and more, there is almost no music not available on some form of electronic device. Keeping your music in order, though, can be difficult. CHORD - Song Chords File is a simple, effective way to keep your song lyrics, chords, and guitar tabs in order and to format them effectively.

General, chords and tabs are formatted as a plain text file. While this works well enough, being able to indicate what is a guitar chord or other musical medium through the CHORD - Song Chords File extension (generally a .CRD extension) allows you to better manager your music.

Keeping music with CHORD - Song Chords File extensions allows you to better manipulate the chords without having to buy extra software and applications. CHORD - Song Chords Files use plain text formatting, so you can open your music with existant applications on your computer, without mixing up files and more. The .CRD extension is great for keeping your guitar tabs, chords, and lyrics in the same place as your MP3s and demos, without confusing the two when sending or using them.

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