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Information about CHV files and how to open them

Have you ever imagined traveling the star lanes, seeing your ship's progress as a dot navigating an Oort cloud, or pulling up a screen showing a 3-D map of a galaxy?

You can do it with this CHV - ChView Interactive Star Map File. It has real data on known astronomy so it can be used for science instruction and enhance backyard stargazing. It also has the capacity to create your own universe...from solar systems to galaxies and space colonies...and travel the universe of your imagination.

You use this file with the ChView application to view interactive, three-dimensional star maps. The updated real data is current information scientists have on a celestial ball about 300 light-years across with Earth in the center of the sphere. You can see the name of a star, the spectra, the constellation, and more. These are perfect for educational use, helping a student understand an astronomy lesson experientially.

But there's more--a student can take the leap from the known to the unknown and create an infinite variety of space scenarios. A lover of a particular science fiction universe can make that realm and play with it. A dreamer can come up with space colonies and travel between them. Those dreams and games are the sparks that ignite the inventors and scientists of the future.

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