File Extension CL2

Information about CL2 files and how to open them

The CL2 - HY-TEK Meet Results File is the plain text file format created and used by the HY-TEK Sports Software program. While the HY-TEK program is now saving files in a .HYV file format the CL2 format can still be used to open in HY-TEK but will save as HYV format for future use.

The HY-TEK Sports Software and the associated CL2 and HYV file formats are used to keep track of a number of things in sports meet. With these files you are able to maintain a meet schedule ensuring time and place of the meet. As the sporting event takes place any number of other data can be entered into the program and saved into these files. All participant information including participant names, events the person is participating in and participant scores.

This, of course, allows an easy way to keep track of the athletes, their events and performance outcomes in one file. With this information it becomes easier to track team or individual statistics through out a season or series of events. HY-TEK files, used in this way can be great way for a fan, coach or player to keep the necessary statistics handy.

Product(s) that can open CL2 file

HY-TEK Sports Team Manager
HY-TEK Sports Team Manager
HY-TEK Sports Team Manager Owned by The Active Network, HY-TEK Sports Team Manager is software that is designed to help those in the Track and Field area of sports. It can...
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