File Extension CL4

Information about CL4 files and how to open them

CL4 - Easy CD Creator 4 Project File is a CD burning software that allows you to make music, data, and other type of CDs. When you create a list of files to burn on disc, it saves in a CL4 file. This file contains all of your project data so you can save a project you're working on. This is a useful file to have if you want to save your project for later. It's also useful if you want to create a data disc but you haven't added all of the files that you need yet. Easy CD Creator 4 is a user friendly program that walks you through the disc creation process. The wizards take the complication out of CD burning, so you don't have any problems figuring out what you need to do. It's a handy program that creates easy project files and CDs, whether you're burning from a project or an ISO. If you want an easy way to create any sort of CD, you need to look into this program. It's also inexpensive, so you don't have to worry about putting a lot of money into this program for your enjoyment.

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