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Math and science students know just how critical keeping your data and problems in order is. Without the properly logged and format data, you cannot do research, handle difficult projects, or look back at your previous work for case studies and further research purposes. Keeping all of your data in order can be tricky, though, particularly if you are using a variety of extensions and file formats- Excel is not compatible with logorithm applications, which may in turn not work with word processors. If only there were a way to log all of your data in one context to use for your academic purposes.

CMBL - Logger Pro Data File is designed with science and math students and educators in mind. You can collect and analyze data on a variety of platforms for mathematical and scientific purposes and store them in one handy file type. Whether you are looking for similarities and variables in a spreadsheet format, analyzing more complex data, or recording images and movies of your experiments to analyze later, you can stash them with CMBL - Logger Pro Data File. Compatible with most calculators and movie platforms, CMBL - Logger Pro Data File uses state of the art databasing and formating to help you record and measure data during lab experiments, in practicals, or in class. This allows you to go back and analyze your data later to draw conclusions and structure theories more concretely and accurately.

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Logger Pro
Logger Pro
Logger Pro Logger Pro is award-winning data-collection and analysis software for Windows and Macintosh computers.
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