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Project management software is making leaps and bounds in how we handle and maintain important projects and implement best practices into our project planning. Having the appropriate tools to design and delegate responsiblities in a project allows you to work better, faster, and with more efficiency, no matter what business you are in. Programs like Miradi and ConPro are designed to help you work to your optimal efficiency by easily processing data and sharing your information with your coworkers.

Miradi has a variety of features that make it effective and indispensable. Wizards, examples, and multiple views are all included to equip you for planning, monitoring, and reporting all work at every level. World-class biodiversity and a broad view make Miradi a fantastic piece of software. ConPro is a repository of projects, working with partnerships within the Nature Conservancy to give you easy access towards goals and allow you to buddy up with existing projets.

Both programs enable your group to do ecologically friendly work in a fast, effective way, leaving information and ability at your fingertips. CPMZ - Miradi/ConPro Project File helps your work to move that much faster, with specific extensions designed to help you share and save what you need, where you need it. CPMZ - Miradi/ConPro Project File works by containing data that you need to create and monitor conservation projects, along with sharing this information and progress across programs with partners and potential clients. The MPZ extension allows for easy access, along with a compatible set up for anyone involved in a big project.

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Benetech Miradi
Benetech Miradi
Benetech Miradi Miradi - a Swahili word meaning "project" or "goal" - is a user-friendly program that allows nature conservation...
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