File Extension CSL

Information about CSL files and how to open them

CSL - CineStyle Color Lookup File is the file type used by CineStyle Color Assist, which is one of the most useful programs you can find for use with the Canon EOS DSLR cameras. If you have this type of camera, then you really can't ask for a better program for this purpose.

Applying CineStyle color profiles has never been easier, and with CSL files you don't need to worry about having to reorganize and redesign your color profiles every single time you start a new project. Formatted in XML, CSL contains metadata describing a 3D color lookup table and helps to produce the very best possible dynamic range of colors, giving your work a truly cinematic feel.

If you're having trouble getting the look you're after from your Canon DSLR, CineStyle Color Assist might be just the thing that you've been looking for to improve the look of your photos and to create the stunning, gripping appearance that you've been trying to develop. In other words: it might not be your lighting, it might not be your camera, it might be your color profile. CSL files and CineStyle Color Assist can make all the difference in the world for your shots.

Product(s) that can open CSL file

Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist
Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist
Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist provides a wide variety of useful features, including an instant color correction mode. It also offers accurate...
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