File Extension CWS

Information about CWS files and how to open them

ClarisWorks was the Windows version of AppleWorks for the personal computer until it was discontinued. ClarisWorks had its own subsidiary file formats for documents, drawing and spreadsheets.

This file was designated CWS - Claris Works Template. The CWS file extension was useful for creating documents, drawings and spreadsheets. This was the proprietary format for these particular files; however, these file formats could be converted to more modern formats, such as XLS and Word.

ClarisWorks has been discontinued as a program. It is no longer sold as a program for any operating system. If you are continuing to use ClarisWorks, you should make an investment in a new word processor.

Why use this file format over other formats? It is old and outdated. It is not recommended by us for you to continue to use this file format. As time goes on, this file will be vastly outdated by modern word processors. It is recommended that you upgrade to a better word processing format. The only reason would be if you have an outdated computer, which doesn't support the more modern word processors.

As a decaying format, the CWS extension will become extinct over the next few years. In fact, most people who are still using the format do not know it is defunct. Its main use is on old and out of date computers.

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