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The CWZ - Circuit Wizard File allows enthusiast to design boards sited to projects they might create for themselves. Buying circuit boards pre-designed do not always possess the things necessary for special projects. With CWZ - Circuit Wizard File create the circuit board that encompass the things you want in a circuit board. These board connections you develop with the help of the CWZ - Circuit Wizard File can make a big difference in the outcome of a circuit board project. This download lets you create the board for any project you design.

Create your design of what a circuit board should be. The CWZ - Circuit Wizard File lets you integrate add on’s into your simulations letting you see through scalable graphics how your design matches with the circuit board panel you are trying to achieve. There are well over 1000 circuit board creations to work with. The CWZ - Circuit Wizard File allows you to see the finished product before it actually goes into production. Give a design a good look before placing more time and money into it. This saves a lot of effort and expense when trying to get the board you want.

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Circuit Wizard
Circuit Wizard
Circuit Wizard CAD / CAM design can be a challenge for many electrical engineers. With Circuit Wizard, engineers can quickly and easily design printed circuit...
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