File Extension CXT

Information about CXT files and how to open them

CXT - Director Protected Cast File is a file extension that you can download online at your convenience. It is used by the software program called Director. This program is considered to be a multimedia authoring tool. This extension is a file or object you can use to better your features and give you a lot more to deal with.

Everything is also saved in a format that is protected, so you cannot edit anything. By downloading the extension, you can simply allow objects from Director to even be shared between many different users. You will not have to worry about modifying anything either. The first director of Director was Adobe Director 11 which required users to also have Macromedia installed on their computer as well. There is so much that you can do with this file alone, so you shouldn’t hesitate to download it. If you want more information, you can go online and look up the file by itself to see how much it can greatly benefit you.

There are also a lot newer versions of Director which save cast files that are protected as .CCT files. You should also make yourself aware of this as well.

Product(s) that can open CXT file

Adobe Director
Adobe Director
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