File Extension DAF

Information about DAF files and how to open them

The DAF - Digital Anchor File is used in the Digital Anchor database engine. Digital Anchor is a godsend for many in the data field, an efficient, effective database engine that allows easy access to all of your data.

DAF stores information in two ways: binary and text. This means that no matter which mode you're more comfortable with, which mode your clients demand or which mode is compatible with your current project, you have the option of storing your data as you need it.

This flexibility can be a tremendous help when you need compatibility above all. Not enough database engines take this into mind, but you need your engine to be versatile and capable of conquering any task or else you're losing out on half of what you could be doing. In other words, by using both binary and text based data storage, Digital Anchor empowers you to take on any job you want, however you see fit.

The field is getting more competitive, and being able to land the gigs you want and make the income you deserve demands that you know the software and that you can meet any challenge a client throws your way. Digital Anchor is one way to meet those challenges.

Product(s) that can open DAF file

Telecompute Digital Anchor
Telecompute Digital Anchor
Telecompute Digital Anchor Managing and administrating databases can be a significant challenge for many IT professionals. With Telecompute Digital Anchor, it's easy to...
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