File Extension DAZ

Information about DAZ files and how to open them

The DAZ - DAZ Studio 3D Scene is a 3-Dimensional scene that was developed by DAZ Studio to create a modeling program that is diverse in its exportability and capability, allowing it to be exported to a multitudinous variety of formats such as BVH, FBX, OBJ, U3D, CR2, and more. This file is used to create virtual characters. DAZ files have the capability to store these virtual characters as well as the surrounding environments. DAZ files can include poses, animations, wardrobes as well as lighting. DAZ Studio uses this file as its native scene format.

Product(s) that can open DAZ file

DAZ Studio
DAZ Studio
DAZ Studio Powerful and affordable 3D figure art and animation tool DAZ Studio is a professional application that allows you to create 3D models and...
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