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If you've never heard of DBD - DemoShield Project before, I can understand why. DBD - DemoShield Project has strange origins: Originally it was developed by Macrovision who then got themselves integrated with Installshield, who in turn discontinued Demoshield in 2007. I guess it got revenge a year later though, when Macrovision became Acresso Software

Anyway, DBD - DemoShield Project is a program that lets you create installable demos of your software applications, and you can also use it when you want to author multimedia presentations that you're planning to distribute on the web, or even on disc.

Product(s) that can open DBD file

Flexera InstallShield
Flexera InstallShield
Flexera InstallShield Getting to have the best time around can be a great thing, but it is even better when you are working on your computer. This is when you should...
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