File Extension DBGSYM

Information about DBGSYM files and how to open them

Not all file extensions are created equally. While your standards are obviously essential for word processing, image sharing, and day to day operations, sometimes you need somethign more. Luckily, when you are worried about the security and cleanliness of the Unix-based applications you are importing or using, DBGSYM - Debug Symbols File is a great way to protect your files and get your work done faster.

The DBGSYM - Debug Symbols File enables you to keep your data clean by scanning and securing files as they are imported or downloaded onto your system. In addition, this program stores your symbols for reporting the status of applications and of th computing environment when a crash occurs. This allows you to quickly and easily identify problem spots and common threads among your files' crashes or inconsistencies. With the DBGSYM - Debug Symbols File, programmers and software developers can easily and effectively troubleshoot and pinpoint problematic scenarios or commonplace hacks and bugs.

This file is effective in many different areas, but is most commonly used on platforms like Pidgin- the universal chat client. Debugging between chatters and users on programs like AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Google Talk, MSN chat, and ICQ, allows for quick and effective online conversations without the risk of corrupting files and destroying data in other parts of your computer.

Product(s) that can open DBGSYM file

Pidgin Pidgin, or How to Chat No Limit 24/7 Pidgin is a universal, multi-protocol messenger developed by Pidgin Team and formerly known as...
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