File Extension DCPF

Information about DCPF files and how to open them

DCPF - Disc Copier Project File

This is a project file which was created by older versions of Roxio CD-ROM and DVD software packages. It contains settings used to copy a compact disc. It also includes information on the original video input content, the output disc format as well as other settings pertaining to CD-ROM or CD AUDIO input and output. This file is necessary when converting and burning compact discs.

This is a project file and shouldn't be confused with ROM image files or other data files required by Roxio or other CD/DVD duplicating software packages. These files may also be called configuration files since many settings pertaining to the original CD-ROM as well as other input and output sources will be contained in the DCPF file. These files may be edited with common text editors.

While no longer created with current Roxio releases, to ensure backward compatibility, Roxio Creator still supports this file type via the Roxio Video Copy and Convert application as well as current Roxio CD and DVD software packages. This ensures that older CD-ROM and CD AUDIO images created with older versions of Roxio may still be burned using the current version of Roxio software.

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