File Extension DGS

Information about DGS files and how to open them

Dagesh Pro is a great program for anyone studying Hebrew and for anyone who writes in Hebrew, not to mention language buffs in general. The software comes with more than 200 Hebrew true-type fonts, spellchecking support for seven languages, and can manage images and special formatting as well as just about any other word processing program.

The software makes it easy for anyone with a serious interest in the language to write and study Hebrew. It can be a challenging language for people who are only starting to explore it, and lacking a good word processor that is compatible with the language can make the learning process an uphill battle.

DGS - Dagesh Pro Document refers to the type of file that Dagesh Pro saves your work into. The DGS file extension is compatible with a few other word processing programs, but because of Dagesh Pro's English language capabilities, you won't really need them anymore once you start using Dagesh Pro. You're not sacrificing user friendliness or any of your favorite features to use Dagesh Pro, you're just getting a great word processor that makes use of the Hebrew language and some great Hebrew fonts.

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