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DNC - Windows Dancer File is a built-in program packed in Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition and is one of the most simple but interesting programs ever put out by Microsoft. Some wonder why they even did it, but you have to admit, it is unique. It comes packed with the digital media enhancements of Windows Plus. The digital media enhancement package actually features Windows Dancer, Audio Converter, CD Label Make, and Party Mode, which were previously only available in other versions.

The .DMC file is the executable file packed in DNC - Windows Dancer File. Some have had some error messages after trying to install the program. As a reminder, the program is only executable in Windows Media Center XP, 2005 Edition. It is not compatible with other versions and is an add-on program to media center. There are a few bug fixes for this, which attempt to make it compatible with newer versions but they are not recommended.

Amanda is the name of the featured "dancer" in the program and the discussions that resulted in the release of the program, in which most people gawked at it were more directly helpful to Microsoft than the program itself. But it wasn't intended to be a new million dollar money maker for Bill Gates. It was just a humorous accent packed, or some would say "sneaked into" the Microsoft Media Center upgrade.

You can arrange the dancers in the DNC - Windows Dancer File the way you want, and pick and choose from other dancers, if you get tired of Amanda. You just download them. These "understudy" dancers range from a grandma and grandpa doing some sort of outdated Texas 2-step, to a Roman gladiator type who looks like he just landed on the wrong battlefield and doesn't know what to do! You may arrange when you want the dancers to pop up so if you want to entertain a guest you know will be on your computer, now is your chance!
An amusing add-on at best, but still a good addition to the Media Center for XP 2005.

You can even dance along if you like!

But try not to get carried away!


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