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Information about DSV files and how to open them

Have you ever played a video game that has continual progress through a vivid world? Then the chances are, you have found out that there are saved points throughout the game. These save points act as checkpoints, maintaining your progress and state in the virtual world. How do these files behave?

DeSmuMe, a Nintendo DS emulator, keeps track of your progress at certain intervals. After you have saved, you can return to the previous point at any given time. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse. It would be bad if you were to lose all of your progress in a game; you would have been wasting your time in the world.

DSV - DeSmuME Save File is the file format that is used to save progress in your virtual worlds. These files typically have a DSV file designation, which is at the end of each file. From this file, you can load your games onto your computer and continue your progress.

What can you do with DSV file formats? You can try changing the DSV extension to SAV. This may allow other emulators to use the save file. Changing a file extension is a form of conversion. It is only viable in cases where the file extension does not require extensive formatting, which changes the structure of the coding and data within the file format; in other cases, you will have to use a supported program to convert the file format to another extension.

If you intend on investing valuable time, which could be turned into other profit, you should at least make sure to safe guard your time spent. This can be done by investing a minuscule amount of time into saving your game; not to mention, you will be less aggravated when you get the game over screen.

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