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DSX - Diet Studio XML File is a cutting edge software designed to track a person's nutritional and health progress and information. It serves as a software journal for keeping track of daily nutrition that can be very specific. It tells you what nutrients are required and allows you to more closely control what you are eating. In essence, it makes you your own "lab rat."

This is extremely beneficial in monitoring and adjusting your diet program, as experts in this field agree. You have to first see what is happening to change it.

You may select a set of nutrients you want to control and focus on, record food consumed over time, to track
habits, and more. It provides the USDA recommended daily requirements of nutrients so you can see if your own diet is up to par with the FDA's recommendations.

DSX - Diet Studio XML File studio also contains all the essential information in a person's profile, as well as all other information on diet, energy levels, and nutritional information. You can add and remove data to track overall health. The application could also find uses in nutritional research, making it a program that could even be used in hospitals or research facilities.

Printing out reports is easy and the reports can be saved to HTML or XML reports. It can also generate custom reports, such as daily or weekly menus.

Additional functions this program is useful for are:
• Units conversion for a food;
• Daily menu report generation;
• Food comparison report;

One interesting aspect of DSX - Diet Studio XML File software is that the feedback of customers using it are what drives the research for future releases. It is nice to know that, not only do you get a program to help with your diet and nutritional planning, but you get to have a say in how the program is designed. Diet Studio using XML specifications for external data files, making it easy to convert and process results to a different format or application.

This may be the powerful software tool you need to control your nutritional habits, while contributing to the world of fitness research at the same time.

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