File Extension EDAT2

Information about EDAT2 files and how to open them

The EDAT2 - E-DataAid 2.0 File Extension is part of the E-Prime software. It is used for data entry and for tracking data that has already been entered. Those who use this program will find that it is much like any other data entry spreadsheet, storing data in columns and rows. It saves participant data and can be exported to other programs. Compatible programs that the EDAT2 file can be exported to include StatView, SPSS, and Microsoft Excel. Data can be exported to any one of these programs to be statistically analyzed.

This Psychology Software Tools E-Prime data application software is primarily used in academic settings because it does well for keeping track of research data. It is used for experiments, behavioral research, eye tracking research, and even fMRI research due to its ease of data tracking. All of the files saved within the program are kept on the EDAT file extensions.

Therefore, in order to open the EDAT2 – E-DataAid 2.0 File extension, you must have the compatible Psychology Software Tools E-Prime data program. If you do not have the means to open this particular file extension, it will not open and you will not be able to work with any data sent via this extension.

Product(s) that can open EDAT2 file

Psychology Software Tools E-Prime
Psychology Software Tools E-Prime
Psychology Software Tools E-Prime Psychology Software Tools E-Prime E-Prime® is a suite of applications to fulfill all of your computerized experiment needs. Used by...
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