File Extension EDFX

Information about EDFX files and how to open them

The EDFX - Estimator.NET Estimate File is created by the Microsoft Estimator.NET program and can be used to create financial, scheduling and comparisons of multiple estimates to facilitate in the decision making process.

The EDFX file will store one or more estimate. The estimates can be financial in nature, such as price, expenses or payroll, allowing for profit and loss estimates and estimated cost tracking. Estimates can also consist of delivery and scheduling data allowing schedule management.

With use of an EDFX Estimate file one can also produce graphical data for use in reports and to show customers where costs are in creating and/or handling their product. The graphical data makes it much easier for anyone to see cost, schedule and/or price effects on the over-all project at a glance.

The EDFX Estimator files estimates and graphical reports can be quite useful when estimating a budget, delivery or employee scheduling and as meaningful financial reports for customers and potential customers. These files are meant for use with Microsoft Estimator.NET. Easy to use and meaningful reports can make these files extremely useful tools for anyone needing estimates of supplies, costs, labor and/or price effects on their project.


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