File Extension EDG

Information about EDG files and how to open them

Having your layout for your program or diagram stored can be easier then what you imagined if you decide to use the proper program file. The problem you may have is many people are not going to be using the proper file and this can easily lead to them being disappointed in the type of work they are producing. However, if you are smart you will use the EDG - Edge Diagrammer File which will help you in storing your work with the diagrams, but will also help you in getting to enjoy your presentations because of how professional they look.

Product(s) that can open EDG file

Pacestar Edge Diagrammer
Pacestar Edge Diagrammer
Pacestar Edge DiagrammerEDGE Diagrammer is our ultimate diagramming tool. EDGE lets you define \"styles\" using hundreds of predefined drag-and-drop shapes and arrowheads....
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