File Extension EDL

Information about EDL files and how to open them

EDL - Edit Decision List File- is used with various editing programs for editing. Edit decision lists are typically used for video editing and in the film industry for editing films. The programs that an EDL file will work with include programs like Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer. What it does is keep track of edit decision lists and allow keeps the original track work separate from the edited versions. One thing to keep in mind when using this file format, however, is that there are certain software programs that are incompatible with the EDL format, including those that use the CMX3600 format.

Product(s) that can open EDL file

Avid Media Composer
Avid Media Composer
Avid Media Composer Avid Media Composer is a quick, free download that makes it quicker and easier than ever to edit your media projects. A staple for video editors...
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