File Extension EMRG

Information about EMRG files and how to open them

As a psychologist or psychiatrist, patient data is the most important step for treating a patient. There is often a correlation between information and patient diagnosis. The more information that you know; the higher chance of diagnosing the issue that your patient is having.

E-Merge is a tool that saves data from multiple files. Basically, it assembles all of your patient data into one file. By having all of the files in one place, all of the data is merged together. This creates a comprehensive analysis of the patient and increases treatment options available, or it may limit the options available to the patient.

EMRG - E-Merge 1.x Data File is the first version of the E-merge file extension. This specific file extension is available for people, whom use the E-Prime application suite, to create a thorough analysis of the patient's data. This is important for you, the psychologist, to create the best treatment options and have all of the data laid out before your eyes.

Most patient errors in the field of psychology are due to the patient not receiving the correct care for their specific illness and symptoms. The only way to counteract this predicament: provide a thorough screening and documentation of the patients files, so they may be used as a reference for patient treatment. The EMRG file extension will allow you to enhance your patient productivity. Spend more time on your patient, not on organizing your data. Anyways, that is the theory behind the EMRG file extension. Use it as you see fit.

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