File Extension EMRG2

Information about EMRG2 files and how to open them


EMRG2 - E-Merge 2.0 Data File is a file extension that is available for download simply by going online. It is also free of charge. It was created by E-Merge, so if you are already using this wonderful program, you can make use of the file extension to go along with it.

The file extension can help you save data that has been merged from two or more data files that are .EDAT or .EDAT2. This extension can also be used for combining participant studies from different sets of data into one single file alone. If you would like to open your EMRG2 file, all you will need to do is use E-DataAid. This happens to be just another program in the E-Prime application suite.

You can use these programs to simply analyze and filter different information, and to even export data. All of the information comes from third party applications as well. You can also read a few user reviews if you would like to get a general idea on how it works before you install it. It is definitely worth a try if this is your first time trying it out. You should make use of it if you are already using the E-Merge program.

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