File Extension ENL

Information about ENL files and how to open them

The ENL - EndNote Library is a data file designed and used by EndNote to help manage bibliographies and is commonly used by authors and writers during the journaling and article stages of the writing process. This application has within it numerous citations that within themselves, store author, year, title, journal and other pertinent referenced information.

These files also carry the capability to link to actual publications such as the common .PDF file for the purpose of viewing the publication within the software. The format that is used with this software is the EndNote save and load format.

The Citations that are contained within the ENL files have the capability to be output to bibliographic publication format with the software.

For the formal and professional writer or the college student who has to write formal essays and dissertations, this application will definitely prove helpful.

Product(s) that can open ENL file

Thomson Reuters EndNote
Thomson Reuters EndNote
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