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Information about EVY files and how to open them

EVY - Envoy File is a file extension that you can take advantage of if you are already using Corel Envoy. This is an older word processing program, and you can use this to gain more features and benefits. Since this is an older program, you will probably need the extension to gain further updates. It is worth a try.

This extension is only able to support the particular program mentioned above. It was used as a competing format earlier to the portable document format which is .PDF files. It is very similar to a PDF file except with a different name to it. However, it is not really used anymore only because the support for the Envoy format has been discontinued. That is why you will need this extension if you would like to get more out of the program you are currently using. Sometimes it may be better to just install a new word processing program that is up to date.

You will be able to go online and access this download link for the extension. It does come in handy and is also free of charge. If you want to add more to your word processing program, then give it a try.

Product(s) that can open EVY file

Envoy Viewer
Envoy Viewer
Envoy Viewer Envoy Viewer opens .EVY Envoy documents in Windows. This free application makes it possible for people without Corel WordPerfect to read its...
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