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FACEFX - FaceFX Actor File is one of the most popular 3D model files currently in use by many professional developers. This model file was created in conjunction with FaceFX, which is a program that is used for the construction of facial animations from audio information. This file type stores all three-dimensional facial bone coordinates, animation keys and even facial graph nodes and their links.

The FACEFX - FaceFX Actor File is typically used in video games for the facial expression animation of the virtual characters in the game. You can even publish your actor designs to a FACEFX_INGAME file once it is finished. This works to strip the non-essential data away from the file itself. It also makes the file light in weight, so that the program will use fewer resources while executing animations in game. This file type is still in use today by many popular game companies.

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OC3 Entertainment FaceFX
OC3 Entertainment FaceFX
OC3 Entertainment FaceFX FaceFX is OC3 Entertainment’s cutting edge solution for creating realistic facial animation from audio files. FaceFX is the culmination...
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